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Pirates reportedly to sign McGuire, Kozikowski; sign Contreras (yep)

The team's second first round pick, taken 14th overall, is said to be headed to Pittsburgh to take a physical and sign Tuesday. In addition, the team has agreed to an over slot deal with 8th round pick Neil Kozikowski and has re-signed Jose Contreras to a minor league contract

Chung Sung-Jun

The Pirates are on the verge of signing No. 14 overall pick Reese McGuire, Travis Sawchick reports. McGuire's bonus is expected to be near the pool value of the pick, which is $2.56 million.

(UPDATE Tuesday 2:18 PM: The Pirates have officially signed McGuire.)

UPDATE: Pirates Prospects has two reports of its own. The Pirates have agreed to terms with their 8th round pick, Neil Kozikowski. He'll get $425,000, which is $155,400 over slot. This shouldn't be too surprising, as Kozikowski has a commitment to VCU and is reportedly a very good student. A $270,000 bonus wouldn't make up for the free ride he'd be passing up. The over slot deal also indicates that the Pirates believe in Kozikowski, an under-the-radar pick that left BA's Jim Callis at a loss during the draft broadcast.

P2 also is reporting that the Pirates have brought Jose Contreras back on a minor league deal. Yeah, I know, but this makes a certain amount of sense. Contreras was coming off Tommy John surgery and had a paltry eight innings of rehab work in the minors. The Pirates opted to call him up rather than pay him a retention bonus and he obviously wasn't ready. This gives them the chance to keep him in the minors for an extended period and make sure he's ready to pitch before they call him back up. Hopefully, they'll be realistic about it and not call him up if they have better options.