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Reds use four solo homers to beat Pirates, 4-1

Jamie Sabau

The Reds hit four solo homers en route to a 4-1 victory over the Pirates Monday.

The first of those was by Zack Cozart in the fourth. Then, after the Pirates tied the game on Russell Martin's RBI double in the sixth, Todd Frazier hit another solo homer int he bottom of the inning.

The Pirates replaced Francisco Liriano (who had a solid outing, striking out six and walking two) after six, and the Reds kept going, with Joey Votto and Jay Bruce hitting solo bombs off a visibly-frustrated Bryan Morris in the eighth.

The Bucs didn't exactly have lots of chances to score, but they didn't do much with the chances they did have, leaving runners in scoring position in the fourth, sixth and eighth. Pedro Alvarez struck out to end both of the last two innings.

Oh, and Aroldis Chapman threw at Neil Walker's head in the ninth, so expect to hear more chest-beating about this.