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Pirates appear likely to promote Ryan Reid, Jared Hughes


After the bullpen pitched 10 innings in Sunday's game, the Pirates appear likely to promote Ryan Reid and Jared Hughes to soak up innings. Nothing's official yet, and there's no word on any corresponding moves. Demoting Bryan Morris and placing Jeanmar Gomez on the DL would seem to be possibilities, although the Pirates will also have to do something to add Reid to the 40-man roster.

Rarely is it good news when a game like Sunday's requires this kind of bullpen shakeup, but the Pirates have very good depth in Triple-A pitching this year. Hughes had been pitching well at Triple-A, and of course he's already on the 40-man roster. Reid was also very good, striking out 31 batters and walking nine over 34.2 innings while racking up ground balls, and he's had strong strikeout rates in the past couple years at Triple-A, so it will be nice to finally see him make his big-league debut at age 28.