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Gamethread: Pirates begin series against Braves


I may or may not have internet access until around the time the game starts, so this is going up way early. A.J. Burnett faces Kris Medlen at 7:10. The Pirates will surely officially announce a couple of roster moves at some point this afternoon.

-P- There's an article on PNC Park in Grantland.

-P- The Pirates take Austin Meadows and Arkansas pitcher Ryne Stanek in BA's editors' draft. This isn't a mock -- it's more like a fantasy draft. I've never heard the Pirates connected to Stanek before. Reese McGuire goes to the Blue Jays at No. 10, D.J. Peterson to the Mets at No. 11 and Hunter Renfroe to the Mariners at No. 12. If any of those guys are available at No. 14, the Pirates could certainly take one of them (and they might well take McGuire at No. 9).