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6 West Virginia players make South Atlantic League All-Star Game

Justin K. Aller

Six West Virginia Power players have been invited to play in the South Atlantic League All-Star Game, which will be held June 18: Stetson Allie, Josh Bell, Walker Gourley, Dilson Herrera, Tyler Glasnow and Orlando Castro.

Allie, obviously, has gotten a ton of attention so far for hitting 16 homers. Bell and Herrera have hit well too, each posting an .803 OPS. Gourley took four years to get out of short-season ball and probably isn't a prospect, but he's hit .325/.360/.432.

Glasnow has overpowered South Atlantic League hitters with his fastball, striking out 72 batters in 47.2 innings (while also walking 32 -- probably the best way to survive a plate appearance against Glasnow is simply to not swing). Castro, meanwhile, has demonstrated excellent control, walking only five batters in 61.2 innings. How much of a prospect he is isn't quite clear, but he's he's put up terrific stats so far.

There are 14 teams in the South Atlantic League and two all-star teams, so it's not that surprising that West Virginia would have six all-stars, but it's nice to see that at least four of them -- Allie, Bell, Herrera and Glasnow -- are interesting as prospects.