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BA's final mock draft has Pirates taking McGuire, Peterson

With even the first pick still up in the air, today's segment of the MLB draft looks highly volatile, all the more so for a team with two picks in the first half of round one.

Jim Callis isn't even sure about the top pick; he has Houston taking Jonathan Gray, but says the Astros still haven't decided for certain.

With the 9th pick, he sticks with the same target everybody seems to have for the Pirates, Reese McGuire. The other two likely choices are Trey Ball, whom he projects to go to the Royals at #8, and Austin Meadows, whom he projects to the Jays at #10.

At #14, Callis says the Pirates are hoping for D.J. Peterson or Ball, with Hunter Renfroe and Ryne Stanek as backups, and Dominic Smith as Plan C. He has Stanek going 11th to the Mets, Renfroe 13th to the Padres and Smith 16th to the Phillies. Callis adds that this is the earliest pick at which he's heard Sean Manaea rumored as a possibility, but that seems unlikely given the news that Manaea has a torn labrum in his hip. Callis at this stage doesn't project Manaea to go in the first round.