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Keith Law's last mock has Pirates taking Reese McGuire, Dominic Smith

Chung Sung-Jun

Keith Law's last mock draft (Insider-only) has the Pirates taking Reese McGuire at No. 9. At this point, I'll be fairly surprised if it's anyone but McGuire, although the amount of flux at the top (Law himself says his mock is "more of a scenario than a projection") certainly makes it possible the Pirates could have someone unexpected fall into their laps. Law says that the Twins, at No. 4, could take McGuire, which would also certainly change things.

At No. 14, the Pirates take high-school first baseman Dominic Smith, which is interesting -- in this mock, Austin Meadows, Trey Ball, D.J. Peterson, Clint Frazier and Hunter Renfroe are all off the board. Smith is a potential power bat, although he probably won't play much of any position besides first as a pro. Law also notes that Oral Roberts pitcher Alex Gonzalez is a possibility.