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Mayo's final mock draft has Pirates taking Reese McGuire, Hunter Renfroe

Justin K. Aller

Jonathan Mayo's latest mock is the latest to have the Pirates taking Reese McGuire at No. 9, so no surprise there. Mayo also notes that Austin Meadows could be a possibility at No. 9. At No. 14, Mayo has the Pirates grabbing Hunter Renfroe, who presumably fills the toolsy-outfielder quota if the Pirates pass on Meadows, as is expected.

Mayo suggests alternate picks for nearly every team before the Pirates, so while McGuire looks like the clear favorite at No. 9, it may not be the certainty the agreement among mocks makes it seem to be. Like Keith Law, Mayo notes that the Twins, at No. 4, are interested in McGuire. I doubt they'll pick him, but if they do, that would be a big-time grab-the-popcorn moment that would make the first round totally unpredictable for Pirates fans.