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MLB Draft Day Two open thread: Pirates pick JaCoby Jones


Follow the draft here. Day Two features Rounds 3 through 10 and begins at 1:00. I'll be in and out throughout the afternoon.

UPDATE 1:22: Former Pirates draftee Kent Emanuel was the first pick of the day, by the Astros, and another former Bucs draftee, Dace Kime, went to the Indians a few picks later. Those two picks follow the selections of Mark Appel and Jason Hursh on Day One.

UPDATE 1:27: In the third round, the Pirates have picked JaCoby Jones, a center fielder form LSU. He's also played in the middle infield. notes that he's a toolsy player who hasn't always performed up to his talent, also pointing out that he struck out a ton in the Cape Cod League. Keith Law ranked Jones the No. 87 prospect in the draft, noting (as pretty much everyone seems to) that Jones is incredibly toolsy and looks like a ballplayer. Law does note, however, that Jones needs to make adjustments to his swing. Jones is a high-upside player, but he'll likely be a project. Here's a scouting report at Minor League Ball.

UPDATE 2:12: In the fourth round, the Pirates have selected Cody Dickson, a junior lefty out of Sam Houston State. He's 6'3 and throws in the low 90s, although's scouting report indicates he might one day throw a bit harder.

I have to step out for a bit, unfortunately. Please keep it going in the comments and I'll check in a bit later.