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Pirates Day Three Draft roundup

Jared Wickerham

I finally have a bit of time to look over the Pirates' draft picks from Day Three. Obviously, if you're going to have one day where you're just too busy to pore over draft picks, this should be the one. The Bucs will have a limited amount of money to spend on these guys, since few of their picks in the first ten rounds profile as obvious lowball candidates, so it will be a strain to find bonuses of a couple hundred thousand bucks or more for more than, say, one or two of these guys. With that in mind, here are (what appear to be) a few of the more interesting ones. Here my main tools are's Draft Tracker and Google. The fact is that we don't know very much about many of these players. It's possible there are some interesting ones who no one has bothered to write about, and of those who do have writeups out there, it's possible the few available details of their games aren't accurate anyway. (Incidentally, if you were a parent or friend of a kid you thought might be a late-round pick, it wouldn't be hard to create a Blogspot site and say your kid threw 98 MPH or something. He would create quite a stir.) Anyway, these are the guys who appear to be the most interesting, based on the information available.

14. Nick Buckner, HS CF. Very toolsy and fast, though he apparently has issues with his swing. He has a commitment to the University of Houston.

16. Billy Roth, HS RHP. Already throws in the upper 80s and has the potential to throw harder. Has a commitment to Arizona, so he might be difficult to sign.

24. Carson Cross, UConn RHP. He currently throws 88-91 MPH and is 6'5. For whatever it's worth, the linked report indicates he has significant upside and will be tough to sign.

33. Reagan Bazar, HS RHP. He's 6'7 and can throw 90. He's committed to Louisiana-Lafayette.

34. Connor Goedert CC 3B. He's the brother of Pirates minor leaguer Jared Goedert.

35. Cody Beam, Dallas Baptist RHP. He can throw 94 and the Pirates are drafting him as a junior, so he probably bears watching.

40. Bryan Baker, HS RHP. He's 6'6 and already can throw 93, so I'm sure he has the Pirates' attention. He has a commitment to North Florida.