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Pirates acquire Brian Bocock

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

The Pirates have acquired shortstop Brian Bocock from the Nationals as the PTBNL in the Brian Jeroloman deal, and they have assigned Bocock to Triple-A Indianapolis. This has no impact on the big-league team whatsoever. (I guess you might say it's a dominoes-falling reaction to Neil Walker going on the DL, but Bocock himself isn't going to play for the Pirates. Bocock makes Clint Barmes look like Miguel Cabrera.) But I suppose it's a gift to the more juvenile among you.

Fun fact! The Giants promoted Bocock to be their starting shortstop to begin the 2008 season, even though he had never played above Class A+ and had a .621 OPS in the Cal League the previous year. Somehow, it didn't go well.

Anyway, obviously, there's going to be someone who seriously claims that this is Neal Huntington's attempt to stop the "collapse." That'll be pretty funny.