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Pregame: Locke to miss Sunday's start; will not pitch in All-Star Game


Notes from this afternoon's press meeting:

* Jeff Locke will miss Sunday's start vs the New York Mets and he will not pitch in the All-Star Game because of "lower-back tightness." Hurdle said that Locke experienced the discomfort after his last start and worked a bullpen yesterday, but when he came in today he still "felt just a little bit off."

Locke will still attend and participate in the festivities surrounding the All-Star Game. A replacement will be announced to the National League roster.

Gerrit Cole will start for the Pirates on Sunday.

* The post All-Star Game starting rotation will line up as follows: Liriano, Burnett and Locke in Cincinnati. Then Morton and Cole will pitch the first two games in Washington.

* I talked to Vin Mazzaro this afternoon and Clint Hurdle had some interesting things to say about him and the bullpen in general during his press scrum. I will post those comments later today or tomorrow. But, since they don't represent breaking news and there is a certain gathering of gentlemen and scholars outside of PNC Park with whom I'd like to meet and consort, I'm going to leave this post as is for the time being.