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Brian Kenny, Victor Black and programming notes


I'm always hesitant to link to things on my show, but yesterday I had Brian Kenny as a guest and he was fantastic. I thought it was worth sharing a link to the podcast. It's one of my favorite interviews, as Brian gives his thoughts on meaningful stats, talks about his favorite aspect of the first half of the season and looks at "value" at the trade deadline.

I also talked to Michael Sanserino of the Post-Gazette. He had some very interesting things to say about Brandon Inge and his role in the clubhouse and how the team was reacting. He also talked about Clint possibly platooning/resting Walker against lefties on occasion among other things. Here is the link. Each is about 15 minutes.

Today I will have Vic Black as a guest at 4:45, the exceptional investigative journalist T.J. Quinn at 5:00, and injury expert Will Carrol at 6:00 to discuss pitching mechanics and the injuries to Jason Grilli and Wandy Rodriguez. Charlie will be a guest tomorrow. You can listen here.

(I had Will on last week to discuss Tommy John surgery and the study of pitcher biomechanics in MLB. Link here.)