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Pirates place Travis Snider on DL, recall Tony Sanchez


I missed this during the game, but the Pirates have placed Travis Snider on the disabled list and recalled Tony Sanchez (who was with the Pirates anyway on the taxi squad).

Apparently, Snider's toe has been a problem for more than a month. Snider hasn't played much in July, so it's possible the Pirates were resting him because of the toe. Of course, it's also possible that they were resting him because he was playing terribly, as we all assumed at the time. I assume Snider will take a couple weeks off, then get a rehab stint at Indianapolis before returning in September. Whether or not the injury is legitimate (and I have no concrete reason to believe it isn't), this is the only way the Pirates were going to get Snider back to the minors this year, since he's out of options and would probably be claimed if he were designated for assignment.