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Gamethread and links: The most important series ever!

Justin K. Aller

It's the most important series of all time, y'all! Jake Westbrook and Francisco Liriano start tonight. While you wait for the game, here are some links:

-P- I wrote a big article for MLBTR about why there aren't many sellers at the deadline this year. It looks like the Angels have moved pretty firmly into the sellers column, but there are still only a handful.

-P- An article at Grantland about how awesome Neal Huntington's trade deadline performances have been. Holy narrative shift, part 136.

-P- Our old friend Jose Veras heads to the Tigers.

-P- Another old friend, Jason Bay, has been designated for assignment by the Mariners. It's Bay's second straight season of below-replacement-level performance, and he seems to be nearing the end of the line.

-P- For those who don't know -- since I only ever mention it on Twitter -- I go on TribLive Radio every Monday at 3:05.