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Pirates trade rumors: White Sox interested in Alex Dickerson

Jason Miller

The White Sox are interested in Altoona's Alex Dickerson, Travis Sawchik writes. The Pirates have been reported to be targeting White Sox outfielder Alex Rios and perhaps also shortstop Alexei Ramirez, so it's interesting to see Dickerson's name emerge. Most reports I've read about the White Sox suggest they've been asking for huge returns for their veterans -- Jayson Stark wrote that the White Sox were asking for "two top prospects, plus a 'lesser' player" for Rios. Why anyone would give up even one top prospect for Rios at this point is beyond me, so the White Sox's reported demands smack of Dave Littlefield turning down Ryan Howard and demanding David Wright or Justin Morneau (or whatever) in return for his mediocre pitching, and then settling for Ty Wigginton when the deadline finally arrived.

In any case, Dickerson is a much more realistic return for the White Sox in a Rios trade. He's not a top prospect, and I wouldn't mind parting with him. So perhaps they're becoming a little more reasonable. But who knows.

Also, the Dodgers have reportedly emerged as the top bidder for Brian Wilson.