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Pirates reportedly could trade for Bud Norris

Bob Levey

The Astros are likely to deal starting pitcher Bud Norris shortly, perhaps to the Pirates, Yahoo! Sports' Jeff Passan writes. Passan indicates that Tyler Glasnow "makes sense" in return, although it's hard to tell if that's just speculation on Passan's part. I'm going to assume it is, because I don't see Neal Huntington giving up a player who's practically his Platonic ideal of a pitching prospect (Young! Ridiculously tall! Hard-throwing!) just to get Bud Norris.

Unless his strikeout rate bounces back (it's down to 6.4 K/9 this year after being at 8.8 last year), Norris is just a back-of-the-rotation guy. He's cheap, at $3 million this year, and he's cost-controlled through 2015. I wouldn't mind if the Pirates dealt for him -- he's a buy-low candidate who can help solidify the rotation now while providing a little bit of upside in the future. But Glasnow, who has immense upside, is way too much to give up, and Norris' short-term value to the Pirates isn't huge, since he isn't an enormous upgrade on anyone currently in the starting rotation.