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Pirates trade rumors: Glasnow, Schierholtz

Thearon W. Henderson

-P- Mike Morse is reportedly available, and I've gotten some questions about the possibility that he'll head to the Pirates. Morse's poor defense cancels out most of his value at the plate, and the ideal spot for him would be at DH. He's not a great option for an NL team.

-P- Jeff Passan says the Pirates aren't going to trade Tyler Glasnow. There's nothing like starting a rumor that doesn't make sense (Passan was the one who mused that the Bucs could trade Glasnow for Bud Norris, which would be a horrible deal for the Pirates) and then throwing water on it yourself.

-P- The Pirates are still scouting the Cubs' Nate Schierholtz, which continues to be the move that seems most likely for them.

-P- My thoughts on the Jake Peavy trade: It's great for the Red Sox, who get a reliable starter (and an interesting bullpen project in Brayan Villarreal) without giving up much. The rest of the deal hinges on what you think of Jose Iglesias (from Red Sox to Tigers) and Avisail Garcia (from Tigers to White Sox). Garcia could be a very good bat, which I think makes the deal a passable one for the White Sox even though the three low-minors pieces they got don't look that great. I don't like Iglesias' hitting at all, so I'm not sure about it from the Tigers' perspective.

-P- The Pirates have a 98.9 percent chance of making the playoffs.