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Pirates asked about Mark Trumbo, according to report


There are "rumblings" that the Pirates asked the Angels about first baseman Mark Trumbo, Mike DiGiovanna of the LA Times writes. Trumbo has blossomed into the Angels' right-handed version of Pedro Alvarez -- tons of strikeouts, tons of power. He's having a better career than I thought he would, and he'd be a clear upgrade for the Bucs. What's less clear is whether the Angels would deal him -- they're selling now, as the trades of Scott Downs and Alberto Callaspo indicate, but I've seen no indication that Trumbo is one of the ones they're selling.

Trumbo is arbitration-eligible after this season, and he's eligible for free agency after 2016. As with Alvarez, that's fine for now -- he's not likely to age well, and he's currently in his prime.