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Pirates lose 13-0, no one cares

Justin K. Aller

The Pirates lost 13-0 to the Cardinals, which is a shame for the Cardinals and all, since you can't magically get back any of the four straight wins you give up by scoring 13 runs at the last minute. Sorry, Cardinals. That strategy doesn't work in college, and it doesn't work here.

Anyway, Charlie Morton gave up a million singles -- okay, nine -- in six innings. When he left, the Pirates were down 5-0 after the offense failed to get anything going against Joe Kelly.

"[Morton is] working to improve the consistency in the tempo and the timing of his delivery. He got a little out-of-whack tonight in the stretch," Clint Hurdle said, noting that Morton needed to throw more first-pitch strikes but praising him for inducing 16 ground balls, striking out six and walking one. Morton also gave up a run via a wild pitch, however, and hit a batter with the bases loaded.

Then Jeanmar Gomez had a disaster outing, allowing seven runs in one-third of an inning -- not that any of it really mattered at that point. Vic Black then pitched 2.2 innings of garbage time, which was weird, because it reminded me of the way I used to watch Pirates games, when all games were garbage time and you'd be watching purely to see what those one or two fun new players would do.

After the game, Hurdle said he planned to say "absolutely nothing" to his players, given that they won four out of five against their division rival.

Who cares, who cares, who cares x10. I'd rather the Pirates completed the sweep, and of course every win is counts, but if they weren't going to win, the fact that they lost by 13 just doesn't matter.

David Manel contributed to this post.