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Links: Royals trade for Emilio Bonifacio for some reason


-P- Since the beginning of July, the Royals have now traded for Justin Maxwell (0.8 WAR), Jamey Carroll (-0.7 WAR) and now Emilio Bonifacio (-0.4 WAR). Before the Bonifacio deal, the Royals already had four middle infielders on their active roster, in Carroll, Alcides Escobar, Chris Getz and Elliot Johnson. They also had a second baseman at Triple-A, Johnny Giavotella, who's arguably better than several of them. No comprendo. I know that, as a fan of a small-market team, I'm supposed to root for a team like the Royals. But man, I just can't. Dayton Moore does not deserve to rescue that franchise.

I'm sure someone will use the Bonifacio trade as a reason to blast Neal Huntington for not "doing something," though.

-P- Dave Cameron says we shouldn't worry about the possibility of a collapse.

-P- I didn't even mention Charlie Morton in yesterday's game recap. He was wasn't bad.

-P- The Pirates still have a 98.6% chance of going to the playoffs, according to BP's Playoff Odds Report. The Reds have worked their way back into the division race, however.