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Minor league thread

The Pirates won't be playing tonight until late in San Diego, when they'll be hoping Francisco Liriano gives up negative runs so they'll have a chance to win.  Meanwhile, there's minor league action to be had.  The GCL Pirates already won their game, overcoming a short-lived rehablapse outing by James McDonald.

Indianapolis (Graham Godfrey - 9-7, 4.10) visits Syracuse at 7:00pm.

Altoona (Nick Kingham (pictured) - 3-3, 3.02 and Quinton Miller - 1-4, 4.30) plays two at home against Reading starting at 5:30pm.

Bradenton is off.

West Virginia (Kyle Haynes - 1-3, 2.34) is at home against Hickory at 7:05pm.

Jamestown (Cody Dickson - 2-0, 1.88) hosts Auburn at 7:05pm.