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Pirates promote Jameson Taillon to Indianapolis


The Pirates have promoted Jameson Taillon to Indianapolis, Cory Giger reports.

Taillon struck out 106 batters and walked 36 in 110.1 innings at Altoona. Those aren't slam-dunk numbers with which to promote a player, but it's not unreasonable that the Pirates would move him up. As with last season, when Taillon pitched most of the year at Bradenton before making three starts at Altoona, this promotion allows Taillon to make a handful of starts at the level at which he'll presumably start next season.

It's funny -- Taillon was spectacular in those three starts down the stretch with the Curve last year, which led to some griping after the Pirates sent him back to Double-A to start 2013. It turns out that, while he pitched fairly well at Double-A in 2013, it wasn't a cakewalk for him. Having him pitch most of the year at Altoona was probably the right move.

I'm on the road right now, but I don't think this has been on the front page yet. Sorry for the delay.