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10 years ago today: Pirates trade Brian Giles for Jason Bay, Oliver Perez


TribLive Radio points out that today is the anniversary of the Brian Giles / Jason Bay / Oliver Perez trade, a huge one for the franchise.

Pirates fans didn't like the deal when the Pirates made it, but it certainly turned out well. Perez only had one good season with the Pirates, in 2004 (though that season was brilliant). But Bay's Pirates career was, obviously, a strong one -- he essentially took Giles' place in some Pirates lineups as the only guy who was really worth watching. (The Pirates also got minor-league pitcher Corey Stewart in the deal.)

Even though the return when the Pirates eventually traded Bay was disappointing, the trade still reverberates. The Bucs got Jose Tabata (and Jeff Karstens, who's unlikely to pitch this year and who may be in his last year with the organization) when they traded Xavier Nady, who they acquired when they traded Perez. And Bryan Morris remains from the Bay deal.

Coincidentally, both Bay and Perez have spent this season with the Mariners. (Bay and Perez have both played for the Padres, Pirates, Mets and Mariners; I wonder how many players have those four teams in common.) Bay was released earlier this month after hitting .204/.298/.393 with his usual poor defense. Perez, though, has revived his career, striking out a remarkable 12.9 batters per nine out of the Seattle bullpen.