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Unknown team claims Kendrys Morales

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

An unknown team has claimed Mariners first baseman Kendrys Morales, Jon Morosi reports. We don't know who claimed Morales and we might not ever know, but it wouldn't be surprising if the Pirates at least tried to make a claim. I like him better than Justin Morneau because he's been more than a hair better than replacement level these last three years, although we're reaching the point where there are so few games left that the distinction there is pretty small. Morales is a switch hitter, but he's been much better against righties for his career, so the Pirates could continue playing Gaby Sanchez against lefties if they ended up with Morales.

Morales is also only due a bit more than $1 million the rest of the year, so he's cheaper than Morneau. Both players can become free agents after the season.

Jon Heyman suggests that Baltimore would make sense as the claiming team as well. They have an earlier claim than the Pirates.

Incidentally, the Pirates have also sent out playoff-ticket information.