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Neal Huntington discusses the decision to shut down Rodriguez

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

The following is a partial transcript of Neal Huntington's meeting with the press before this afternoon's game:

The decision to shut down Wandy Rodriguez

The issue has always been the flexor tendon. It's in the forearm. He's tried to battle through it. We've given him rest and it has felt good, and then he feels it again. So we've done that a couple of times.

He is a 34-year-old pitcher. I've got arthritis in my bones and I was just an amateur athlete. So is that a part of it as well?

But the main issue has been the flexor tendon. It's a strain, and in our minds the best approach to have him ready to go in 2014 was to let him heal. To give him significant rest.

And again, Wandy did everything he could. He battled through it and there were times it felt good, and we thought we had turned a corner, then it would grab on him again. And watching him and talking to him yesterday and the frustration and disappointment and the emotion he showed, he wanted to come back out. He's body just didn't cooperate.

What did Dr. Andrews say?

Out of respect to the doctor-patient relationship, and out of respect to Dr. Andrews, we've chosen to take this course because this is what we felt would be best for Wandy and best for us.

Do you expect him for Spring Training?

Absolutely, yes. We are going under the assumption that he should be good to go for Spring Training.

Do you anticipate Wandy triggering his option?

We're operating as if Wandy will be a Pirate next year and we're looking forward to it; we're hoping he will.

Potential Wild Card roster construction

We've had initial discussions, but our focus right now is on winning the division so we don't have to worry about a Wild Card.

Justin Wilson's reduction of innings related to anything physically wrong?

Clint's mixing and matching the bullpen, trying to give some of these guys some stretches off. To keep them as sharp as we can for these final couple weeks and the postseason. Justin right now is going through some growing pains at the Major League level and transition to the bullpen and the use. Clint's done a nice job trying to back off a little bit to try to get him back to where he was earlier in the year.