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BA: Pirates could sign Jose Abreu

Koji Watanabe

Baseball America lists the Pirates among five teams who could sign Cuban first baseman Jose Abreu. I'll believe the Pirates could sign Abreu when I see it. He's risky, given problems translating Serie Nacional stats to the majors and given scout-y concerns over Abreu's swing and ability to hit big-league pitching. Also, he's right-handed, and his defense isn't highly-regarded. And he should require more money to sign than Yasiel Puig got.

I have no idea whether signing Abreu would actually be a good idea for the Pirates; he has amazing power, but there are plenty of drawbacks, and it will be very hard for us as outsiders to figure out how to balance them. Still, for a franchise in need of an upgrade at first, Abreu is at least worth looking into. We'll see.