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Pirates release minor-league coaching roles

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The Pirates have released information on their minor-league coaching staffs for next season. Here it is.

Manager: Dean Treanor
Hitting Coach: Mike Pagliarulo
Pitching Coach: Tom Filer
Athletic Trainer: Bryan Housand
Strength/Conditioning Coach: Ricky White

Manager: Carlos Garcia
Hitting Coach: Ryan Long
Pitching Coach: Stan Kyles
Athletic Trainer: Mike Zalno
Strength/Conditioning Coach: Alan Burr

Manager: Tom Prince
Hitting Coach: Kory DeHaan
Pitching Coach: Justin Meccage
Athletic Trainer: Dru Scott
Strength/Conditioning Coach: Cole Durham

Manager: Michael Ryan
Hitting Coach: Keoni De Renne
Pitching Coach: Jeff Johnson
Athletic Trainer: Justin Ahrens
Strength/Conditioning Coach: Furey Leva

Manager: Brian Esposito
Hitting Coach: Orlando Merced
Pitching Coach: Mark DiFelice
Athletic Trainer: Dominic Cappozzo

Manager: Edgar Varela
Hitting Coach: Terry Alexander
Pitching Coach: Miguel Bonilla
Athletic Trainer: Lee Slagle

Manager: Milver Reyes
Hitting Coach: Mike Lum
Pitching Coach: Scott Elarton
Athletic Trainer: Phil Mastro

Brian Esposito and Edgar Varela are both new managers for the Pirates, but both were in the organization last year. Esposito replaces Dave Turegon, who will be an assistant field coordinator. Frank Kremblas, who managed Bradenton last year, will be a special assistant to player development.

Many of the rest of the names are familiar. One new one that sticks out is Scott Elarton, who had a long career with the Astros, Rockies, Indians and Royals. He pitched in independent ball last year. Another new name is Mark DiFelice, who pitched for a few years for the Brewers.

Mendy Lopez will manage for the Pirates in the Dominican.