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FanGraphs releases 2014 Pirates ZiPS Projections

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Here they are. For once, it's pretty exciting stuff -- Starling Marte's top comparable is Matt Kemp, and Gregory Polanco's is Johnny Damon. (Jose Tabata's is Matt Stairs, which is kind of weird.) ZiPS also thinks Polanco can post 3.2 WAR this year. ZiPS compares Andrew McCutchen to Amos Otis, which sounds bad until you remember that Otis was a very good ballplayer, and ZiPS still projects McCutchen will post 6.4 WAR.

Carson Cistulli notes in the writeup that the Pirates might be average at first base if they just go with what they have there, although, looking over the projections, I'm not sure I really see that. ZiPS doesn't seem to be as excited about the Pirates' pitchers as it is about the hitters.