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Coonelly: Pirates will eventually sign player for $100 million

Junko Kimura

I didn't hear the context, which is probably pretty important, but this seems to be making the rounds today:

Q to Coonelly: Would Pirates ever be willing, able to dole out $100M deal? "Eventually, yeah," he said. Guaranteed it. No timetable, though

This means exactly nothing, at least not on its own. Doesn't anybody remember Austin Powers? There's this thing called "inflation" that will likely eventually make $100 million worth way less than that in today's dollars, and so, when the Pirates' 2044 payroll of $750 million is 33rd of 36 teams (look out, residents of Charlotte, Austin, and Lunar Space Station 6, which I'm guessing will play as a hitter's park) and the Bucs sign some light-hitting veteran shortstop to a two-year, $115 million deal, Frank Coonelly will lean back on his teleport-enabled rocking chair and tell his grandkids about how, in his day, a $100 million contract bought you a winter of adulatory press coverage, two good player-seasons, and five years of misery.