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Pirates think A.J. Burnett isn't returning

David Maxwell

Nothing hugely surprising here, but Frank Coonelly says that he doesn't think A.J. Burnett will return to the Pirates in 2014.

"We'd love to have A.J. back, but right now we've turned the page and we're heading to Bradenton (Fla.) thinking he's not going to be with us,'' Coonelly said. "But if he surprises us and calls up tomorrow and says he wants to pitch again, we'd love to have him.''

Coonelly also notes that the Pirates would have money available to re-sign Burnett if he were to return.

This offseason has been so boring that I'm no longer sure whether my desire for the Pirates to do stuff is coming from the part of me who tries to be a responsible commentator, or the part of me who's a fan, or the part of me who would prefer to write stuff every day without coming up with stupid listicles or something like that. Either way, Burnett's Godot act perfectly encapsulates the offseason so far.

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