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Pirates place 7 in BP's top 101 prospects list

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Here it is.

19. Jameson Taillon
24. Gregory Polanco
42. Tyler Glasnow
59. Reese McGuire
77. Josh Bell
80. Nick Kingham
89. Austin Meadows

I'm a bit surprised to see Meadows so low, but that's just quibbling. The Cubs have seven prospects in the top 100 (including Javier Baez at No. 4); the Cardinals have four (including Oscar Taveras at No. 3); the Reds have three; and the Brewers have none. That's a good way of putting into perspective what we already knew -- that there are a bunch of good farm systems in the NL Central. And the Brewers'.

Byron Buxton is the top overall prospect, followed by Xander Bogaerts, Taveras, Baez and Carlos Correa.