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Pittsburgh mayor Bill Peduto threatens Pirates, vaguely

Justin K. Aller

Bill Peduto was on the WDVE morning show today. The Pirates-related portion of the interview begins at around 3:00. In response to a question about the Pirates' apparent unwillingness to spend in an offseason in which the A's have signed Scott Kazmir and the Brewers have signed Matt Garza, Peduto rambles for a bit about Rollie Fingers and who knows what, and then says this:

I'm not gonna say that there's much the city can do, but there is something the city can do. Let's just leave that as a riddle.

He then says something vague about the Pirates' PNC Park lease and adds, "More to come."

I'm not a Pittsburgh resident, so I don't know how Peduto usually seems in his public statements, but it didn't seem like he'd thought about this much at all. I'd bet against anything happening here.

Let's keep the thread Pirates-related as much as possible, please.

Via TravisDW.