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Links: Jerry Sands, Adrian Beltre, Joel Hanrahan

Ronald Martinez

-P- The Rays have already designated Jerry Sands for assignment, just weeks after claiming him from the Pirates.

-P- Dave Cameron writes about active players who might one day make the Hall of Fame. I was a little surprised at how highly Adrian Beltre rated, until I thought about it for three seconds. The overall perception of his career is probably still that he's been a slight disappointment relative to expectations, but his defense makes him incredibly valuable, and he's a top-flight player in years in which he hits. Here's hoping Hall voters in a decade or so are progressive enough to let him in. Anyway, Andrew McCutchen, who has already produced 27 WAR, is on the list, although obviously he's got a ton of work to do.

-P- Ken Gurnick, people.

-P- Joel Hanrahan is on the comeback trail.