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Arizona Fall League update: Dan Gamache leads way

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Christian Petersen

Keeping in mind that all this means very little, here's the latest from the first few games of the Arizona Fall League, where a number of Pirates minor leaguers are playing with the Scottsdale Scorpions. You'd prefer to see your team's minor leaguers dominating the AFL, obviously, but if they don't, it's not necessarily a big deal. Which is good, because only one Pirate, infielder Dan Gamache, had a really good week.

-P- Gamache has hits in all of the three games in which he's appeared so far, including a double on Tuesday and a homer on Thursday. He's hitting .300/.417/.700.

-P- Catcher Elias Diaz is 1-for-7 with a single and two walks.

-P- Josh Bell is 1-for-9 with a walk and a stolen base.

-P- Joely Rodriguez started on Wednesday and allowed one run in 2.1 innings, striking out two and walking one.

-P- Adrian Sampson pitched a scoreless inning in relief earlier this week, then gave up one run in another inning yesterday, hitting the first batter he faced before giving up a pair of singles.

-P- Tom Harlan allowed two runs in two relief innings Friday, striking out none and walking two.

-P- Tyler Glasnow started Tuesday but lasted just two-thirds of an inning, allowing no hits but walking three batters and giving up a run on his own error.