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Marlins possibly interested in Ike Davis

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, our first trade rumor -- or something -- of the offseason! Andy Martino of the New York Daily News writes that the Marlins might have interest in Ike Davis:

If Davis is once again seeking work, the Marlins are one possibility. The team has Garrett Jones, but at least some in the organization are open to change, and like Davis, sources say.

This is awfully thin stuff, and the "if Davis is once again seeking work" is a reference to the possibility that Davis could be non-tendered, rather than being traded. If the Pirates were to non-tender Davis, they wouldn't get anything for him. (I wrote about Davis as a non-tender candidate earlier this evening.)

Miami already has Jones under contract next season, but he's been around replacement level for the past two seasons, and he's already 33. Davis wasn't much better last year, but he provides a bit of OBP that Jones doesn't, and he projects to be better going forward, since he's several years younger. It's not impossible that the Bucs could get a little something for him, even if the Marlins know deep down that cycling through first basemen not really good enough to stick with the Pirates is no way to go through life.