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Free agent prediction thread: Edinson Volquez

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the game: Predict how many years and how much money Edinson Volquez will receive this offseason, and (if you want) who will sign (or re-sign) him. In a few months when most of us turn out to be incredibly wrong, we can go back to this thread and chuckle.

Personally, I find Volquez tough to peg. At 31, he's young for a free agent, and he's coming off a season in which he got great results, posting a 3.04 ERA in 192 2/3 innings. His stuff remains tantalizing -- he threw as hard as 99 MPH this season. And like many Pirates pitchers, he gets plenty of ground balls.

On the other hand, while he reined in his walks this season, he'll never be a control pitcher. And then there's the massive difference between his xFIP (which was 4.20, actually a little worse than it was in 2013) and his ERA. Some of that gap might be due to his pitching to the Pirates' defense, but there's no way other teams won't look at his peripheral numbers and his microscopic .263 BABIP and wonder what they're really getting. Also, there's a lot of good starting pitching available this offseason.

So have at it -- how many years, and how much, will Volquez get? If readers enjoy this feature, we'll do similar posts for Francisco Liriano and Russell Martin once qualifying offer decisions are official.