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Ike Davis learning to play outfield

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

This came from ... out of a surprising place, but it actually makes some sense.

Ike Davis is working on taking balls in the outfield out here in Arizona to improve his versatility.

As far as I can tell, the only time Davis played outfield professionally was in two games with Double-A Binghamton in 2009. The Pirates could use Pedro Alvarez as their primary first baseman against righties next year, and if they do, Davis is likely to end up with another team, either because the Bucs traded or non-tendered him. They themselves have little use for Davis in the outfield, as he certainly wouldn't be an upgrade defensively right now, and probably not offensively either, depending on how Gregory Polanco develops and whether Travis Snider can maintain last year's pace.

So it looks like Davis is preparing to market himself to another team, unless the Pirates have some kamikaze "Ike Davis is our backup lefty first baseman and the backup to our lefty bench outfielder" plan going. Since big-league rosters are set at 25 rather than 70, I'm betting it's the former.