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Links: Neal Huntington noncommittal about Ike Davis

Justin K. Aller

A few small bits of news:

-P- Here's the latest on Ike Davis, via Joel Sherman of the New York Post.

"It is probably a challenge," Huntington said of keeping Davis. "Ike works hard and is a great guy. He didn’t give the production we were hopeful for. It doesn’t mean the door is closed. But as it sits now, Pedro will be at first."

It certainly sounds like Davis is on his way out, as we've discussed a bunch here. If Alvarez is a first baseman, there's no room for Davis.

-P- The Phillies have signed Chase d'Arnaud to a minor-league deal, ending his seven-year career in the Pirates organization. If anyone was around here way back in 2009, you might remember we were pretty excited about d'Arnaud, who batted .293/.398/.454 in a season split between West Virginia and Class A+ Lynchrurg. Unfortunately, d'Arnaud never really improved after that, or maybe his skills (mostly running really fast and taking pitches) are just best suited to environments were infielders play poor defense and pitchers can't throw strikes.

-P- The Orioles have reportedly made an offer to A.J. Burnett, although the team denies this.