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Could Red Sox be interested in Pedro Alvarez?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

I'm a little late with this, but there's a post at Onlybucs that links a couple of articles (well, one just links to the other) claiming that the Red Sox are interested in Pedro Alvarez.  I'm a little skeptical, given that the Sox couldn't play him at DH (David Ortiz) or first (Mike Napoli).  It's clear that, despite some earlier misdirection about Alvarez still being a third baseman, the Pirates have him penciled in at first.  Of course, they could trade him and hope that Ike Davis emerges from his two-year power outage.  Such a trade would only make sense, though, with a worthwhile return, and I'm just not sure how much Alvarez fetch.  Anyway, it's something to speculate about.

From Charlie: Like WTM says, this is a little odd, but the Red Sox are known to be looking for left-handed hitting. Also, Napoli can become a free agent after the season, so they could move Alvarez to first in 2016 if they needed to.