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Miguel Montero a potential addition to catching market

Hannah Foslien

The Diamondbacks are willing to trade catcher Miguel Montero, Ken Rosenthal reports.

Montero isn't a likely target for the Pirates. He's a good framer, which the Pirates probably love, but he's 31, appears to be declining offensively, and has three years and $40 million left on his contract. The Diamondbacks would probably have to eat a lot of salary for the Pirates to be interest in Montero, and I'm guessing they won't. Then there's this, which would seem to make Montero a poor fit in the Pirates' clubhouse.

Montero being on the market is significant for the Pirates mostly in that it adds another catcher for other teams to pursue. Previously, there was only one starting-caliber catcher clearly on the market, Russell Martin. Now there's two. A higher-payroll team in need of a catcher could trade for Montero before Martin goes off the market. The Bucs' odds of re-signing Martin still appear slim, but having another relatively big name available does probably improve their chances.