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Andrew McCutchen wins another Silver Slugger award

Scott Cunningham

Andrew McCutchen has won his third straight Silver Slugger award, the Pirates have announced. Joining him among NL outfielders are Justin Upton and Giancarlo Stanton. Catcher and third base haven't yet been announced, so we'll see if Russell Martin or Josh Harrison end up with Silver Slugger awards too. They at least merit consideration. (UPDATE: Buster Posey, not Martin, won at catcher.)

McCutchen has become great in way that's easy to take for granted. Fans have committed many fewer words and much less thought to his great season than they have to Martin's or Harrison's. That's understandable, but it's worth emphasizing that McCutchen is tremendous, and the Pirates would be a mediocre team without him. His career arc is exactly what fans dream of for top prospects:

Age 24: .259/.364/.456
Age 25: .327/.400/.553
Age 26: .317/.404/.508
Age 27: .314/.410/.542

It's way too early to tell what will become of McCutchen, but his age-25 through age-27 seasons have a Hall of Fame look. McCutchen's worst offensive season in his last three wins him an MVP award. That's just ridiculous.