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Neil Walker wins first Silver Slugger award

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Neil Walker has won his first Silver Slugger award, the Pirates have announced. In the post about Andrew McCutchen's victory, I missed Walker when discussing other potential Pirates Silver Slugger winners. But I imagine that selecting Walker for the award was an easy decision. Most of the offensive talent at second base (Robinson Cano, Jose Altuve, Brian Dozier) was in the American League, and Walker was far better offensively than any other NL second baseman.

Walker gave back some of that value with his glove, but .271/.342/.467 is ridiculous for a middle infielder in this day and age, and 23 home runs and a .195 ISO is extremely rare from that position, too. Walker's going to get a hefty raise in arbitration this offseason, and he's going to deserve it. It's amazing, though, that he was practically an afterthought in the Pirates' offense -- four Pirates (McCutchen, Russell Martin, Josh Harrison and Starling Marte) produced a higher wRC+ than Walker did. That's not to diminish Walker, just an indication of how ridiculous the Pirates' lineup was this year.