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Andrew McCutchen dislikes first base platoons

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Rob Biertempfel has an interview with Andrew McCutchen, which is noteworthy because McCutchen doesn't usually give in-depth interviews about baseball. In fact, it's striking how little we actually hear his voice, given what a big star he is.

Anyway, I suggest you read the entire interview, if you haven't already. McCutchen suggests that the rib injury that landed on the disabled list was, in fact, connected to Randall Delgado intentionally hitting him. He also says he'd like to remain in Pittsburgh for the rest of his career. And finally, he adds that the Pirates' front office isn't doing quite enough to surround him with championship-caliber talent, and that he's not a big fan of first base platoons.

I believe we're doing a good job, but we're not where we need to be yet. If we were, we'd be having a parade and raising up a trophy. We're moving in the right direction. We still have more work to do. The guys making those (personnel) decisions know that. I feel they are doing what they can to surround me with a championship ballclub. I would like to go into next season thinking, “All right, we've got the team to win it” instead of thinking, “Uh, I wonder what this season is going to bring us. I wonder if we're going to do better.” ...

The big ballclubs, the good ballclubs have an everyday first baseman. The platooning is not going to work for us. We need somebody who can be confident over there, knowing he's going to play every day, regardless of whether he's struggling or not. We need a complete lineup. ... Outfield platoons, I understand. But when it comes to the infield, you need that group of guys who are always going to be there.

It's hard to argue the first point, but I'm not sure I understand the second one, and I'm open to suggestions about what the difference between a first base platoon and an outfield platoon might be. I wouldn't like McCutchen's comments much if I were Ike Davis or Gaby Sanchez, however.