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Francisco Liriano still considering qualifying offer

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Scott Cunningham

Francisco Liriano is still considering the Bucs' qualifying offer, which is one of "several options," Ken Rosenthal tweets. Liriano has until 5:00 tomorrow to make a decision.

The "several options" portion of the tweet (and yes, this is a close reading of a tweet -- sorry) is interesting, because one would think that Liriano would only have two options at this point: Take the qualifying offer, or reject it. Another possibility, though, might be that the Pirates have offered Liriano a multi-year contract as an alternative to the qualifying offer. I wouldn't mind seeing the Bucs leverage the qualifying offer (which will be a drag on Liriano's market as a free agent) into, say, a reasonable three-year deal.

In any case, if Liriano is thinking of accepting the qualifying offer, that's terrific, because the Pirates will get him for another year at a reasonable price. The only potential downside is that they probably weren't expecting him to take the offer, and if he does, it might interfere with their other offseason plans.