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Pirates rumors: Bucs, Marlins could discuss trading Pedro Alvarez, Nathan Eovaldi

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Singer writes that the Marlins, on the hunt for a lefty first baseman to replace the former Pirates lefty first baseman they already have, could "renew Alvarez - Nathan Eovaldi talks."

I don't remember being aware that any talks involving Pedro Alvarez and Nathan Eovaldi existed in the first place, but if so, let's have more of them, please. I'm almost inclined to dismiss this rumor, because it's too good to really make sense.

Eovaldi is a very hard thrower who's 24, has good control, nearly crossed the 200-inning threshold last year, and has three years of team control left. He would be a good extension candidate if the Bucs were to acquire him. If the Pirates can get someone like that for Pedro Alvarez, then they should make that trade yesterday. It doesn't even really matter if there isn't a great plan to replace Alvarez at first base. (Although, for what it's worth, I think platooning Andrew Lambo with some random righty wouldn't be the worst idea in the world.)

UPDATE: Bill Brink tweets that the Marlins have had interest in Alvarez, but the Pirates won't be getting Eovaldi back for him. Which, of course, makes sense on both counts.