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Pirates make Francisco Liriano signing official

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates have officially announced the signing of Francisco Liriano to a three-year deal.

As far as we know, the deal is for three years and $39 million, which is an excellent value compared to Brandon McCarthy at four years and $48 million, or Ervin Santana at four years and $55 million.

That Liriano reportedly "loves Pittsburgh" probably helped. An offseason in which A.J. Burnett and Liriano both returned to the Pirates because they wanted to play for them is refreshing after decades of players signing with the Pirates only when the Bucs overpaid or when the player had no other choice.

Liriano and Gerrit Cole will front a Pirates rotation that looks, if not good, then at least good enough. Heading into the offseason, there was potential for the Pirates' 2015 rotation to be a major weakness, but I feel okay about it now, even though I still wouldn't mind if the Bucs added another starter.