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Latest from Neal Huntington: Josh Lindblom to compete for relief role, Kevin Young to work with Pedro Alvarez

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Here's the latest from Neal Huntington, courtesy of Bill Brink:

-P- Josh Lindblom will "compete to be a multi-inning reliever," which means he's a candidate to be the next Jeanmar Gomez. That's about the only role on the team for which he seems to be qualified, so that makes sense.

-P- On why there's been so little movement on the market for free agent pitching:

The bigger challenge we have is it's not just the top tier free agents. The volume of guys who could be traded. There are a lot of pitchers in their free agent walk year that there's various conversations ongoing in the industry. I think that's as much been a process impact than just the three big-name free agents that are out there.

Huntington seems to be referring to players like David Price and Jeff Samardzija, who apparently are holding up the market as much as Jon Lester's continued availability is.

-P- The Radhames Liz signing still isn't complete for reasons that are "administrative in nature." Huntington says that there are some contract details that haven't been settled yet, but expresses confidence that they'll be able to finalize the deal.

-P- The Pirates plan to have Kevin Young work with Pedro Alvarez as Alvarez transitions to first base.