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Scott Boras wants Pirates to sign Kendrys Morales

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

... Which is adorable.

"We have the perfect fit for the Pirates," Boras said of Morales.

Has Boras been in communication with the Pirates? "Of course," Boras said. "The Pirates are a team where my client could play very well. ... In terms of the club wanting to know (contract terms), we've talked."

If by "perfect fit," he means, "guy who isn't very good, might not be able to play first on a regular basis, and costs the Pirates their first-round pick," then I agree wholeheartedly. Trading Morales straight-up for the draft pick wouldn't be that great an idea, to say nothing of the money the Pirates would have to pay him in free agency.

Boras must be tying himself in knots over the qualifying offer issue right now.