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Ask Bucs Dugout

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Late February and early March aren't the easiest times to generate material here at Bucs Dugout. I don't like canned previews, and I already wrote one for SB Nation anyway, which doesn't leave much until the Pirates make their first spring training cuts.

So let's try an experiment. In the comment thread, please feel free to ask me whatever you want -- about the Pirates, about trends throughout baseball, whatever. I won't answer the questions in the thread and I probably won't answer some of them at all, and I hope no one takes that personally. I don't want to do a chat. I want to use some of the questions to write answers that are perhaps a bit longer and more thoughtful. Depending on how this goes, I'll post answers later today or maybe tomorrow. Thanks in advance for helping me generate material. Let's give this a shot.